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We offer a marvelous gamut of wall murals and frames, whose exquisite design and superior material quality are in a class of their own.

About Us

Frames can be designated as the prevalent form of wall decor of the modern as well as the era long gone, given their universal usage across the world as the choice elements to display portraits and photographs of cherished memories. With an aim to provide the masses with even more refined versions, Khandelwal Arts provides an outstanding array of the best quality and brilliantly designed wall decor items such as murals and photo frames whose excellent design outlook and material quality have made them a favorite of masses. 

Since the inception of our company in 2000, we have created a ripple effect in the market on account of our products whose attributes usually elude the ones offered by our market contemporaries. Backed by a team of experienced personnel, we have cemented ourselves as a noted Manufacturer, Supplier and Trader of products such as Removable Wall Murals, Custom Wall Murals, Printed Wall Murals, Murals, Nameplates, Photo Frames and Vastu Frames to name a few.

What Do We Offer?

We deal in a wide array of interior decor essentials whose eclectic mix of classic yet understated design and vibrant hues make them a must have. Following is the list of products offered by us:
  • Murals
  • Nameplates
  • Photo Frame
  • Vastu Frames
Murals and Frames : A Confluence of Heritage and Art

Ever wondered at the sight of beautiful wall decors of royal palace, adorned with artifacts whose delicate design and attention to detail left you in awe? Well this is the result of the refined tastes of monarchs across the world as is evident by their fabulous residences found across the world, whose walls served as the drawing sheets for art maestros and artisans. And what discussion of murals and arts is productive without the mention of India, wherein they are a staple of houses of common as well as elite folks and are a testament of India's rich cultural heritage.

Dating back to prehistoric times the art of creating intricate designs has been the forte of Indian artisans and underwent further refinement to make them a wonderful display of artistic acumen. Found in a number of temple caves such as the famed Ajanta and Ellora caves, their vivid representation of humanity is a sight to behold, and will impart the same beauty to the walls of homes and living spaces.

Similarly, the art of making frames for portraits is nothing new, with a number of surviving species in pristine form, made of noble materials like gold and embellished with precious gems being at display in museums. Taking a cue from Chinese Feng-Shui form and adding a dash of spirituality, Khandelwal Arts offers Vastu frames to purify the atmosphere of your homes and provide a peace of mind and body. 

We also specialize in providing ornately designed murals whose vibrant display of colors and a hybrid design of modern and traditional cues will add to the cosmopolitan appeal of homes and will add to their aesthetics.